aside from

aside from
APART FROM, besides, in addition to, not counting, barring, other than, but (for), excluding, not including, except (for), excepting, leaving out, save (for).

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apart from

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aside from
chiefly US
1 : not including (something) : with the exception of (something)

Aside from [=apart from, except for] a few pieces of bread, the food is gone.

The movie has been praised by most people, aside from a few critics who have called its happy ending trite and predictable.

Aside from being well written, the book is also beautifully illustrated

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Main Entry:aside

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aˈside from [aside from] preposition (especially NAmE)

Aside from a few scratches, I'm OK.

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Making an exception

She wrote all of the songs on the album

except for

the final track.

Apart from


aside from

the final track, all of the songs on the album were written by her.

The songwriting —

with a few minor exceptions

— is of a very high quality.

With only

one or two exceptions

, the songwriting is of a very high quality.

The majority of the compositions are less than three minutes long,

with the notable exception of

the title track.

With the exception of

the title track, this album is a huge disappointment.

Here is a list of all the band's CDs,


unofficial ‘bootleg’ recordings.

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